[TowerTalk] snakes and owls vs pigeons

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Sat Mar 17 14:57:35 PDT 2012

On 3/17/2012 3:27 PM, Jim Spears wrote:
> Rubber snakes and plastic owls work fine to fend off pigeons BUT after a
> short time, if the object never moves or grabs a bird then the birds become
> accustomed to it and ignore it.
> I worked for a time at a place that had an outdoor cafeteria seating area,
> this in San Diego on top of Point Loma.  They had a lot of trouble with
> scrub jays.  So they put out a bunch of rubber snakes.  For a few days you
> would see the jays way back in the bushes but they finally decided that the
> snakes were just decorative objects and returned to raiding unattended
> plates.

Just keep a few hungry cats.  They would certainly keep the birds 
away...while they did the eating instead.
Of course the bird lovers would decry the use of predators, the cat 
lovers would decry the "mistreatment" of the cats, and the city would 
want to regulate the cats, AFTER you licensed them.  Of course they 
would also insist you keep them on a leash.  Then there is the lawsuit 
after one (or all) the cats bit and scratched some one or those allergic 
to them took offense at them just being there.

We just had to raise the bird feeders up to about 7 feet so we could 
stop calling them cat feeders.


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