[TowerTalk] Chokes and ground mounted verticals

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Mon May 28 05:55:55 PDT 2012

On 5/27/12 9:01 PM, Jim Brown wrote:
> On 5/27/2012 1:53 PM, Jim Lux wrote:
>> Can I run power and coax through the same stack of cores?  Or should I
>> choke them separately.
> You didn't say what frequency range you're concerned with,

HF in general.. probably not 160, but 75 to 10

  or what power
> level.


The chokes in my "Cookbook" with lots of cores and lots turns of
> coax are designed for maximum US ham power levels.  It's hard to get
> enough turns of big coax through 2.4-in o.d. cores, so I would plan on
> choking the coax and the power to the tuner separately.  For moderate
> power levels, one of the bifilar designs (parallel wires connected as a
> transmission line) would be an excellent choice.
> As to the importance of using a choke at all -- that's a good question,
> and the best answer is, "it depends" on the symmetry and density of the
> radial system, the power level, and how concerned you are about keeping
> RF out of the shack.

Rf out of the shack is easy.. chokes

It was more a question of whether (assuming you can get it through the 
cores), you could do the power and coax one the same core..

I've got hundreds of 2.4" 31 mix cores, so it's more just curiosity

> 73, Jim K9YC
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