[TowerTalk] DC for winchwes

Bryan Swadener bswadener at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 1 13:30:21 EDT 2013

True enough Jim but, using the N6RK method, I too can lower/tilt my
tower after the power goes out because the manual winches are still
useable. Also, since I'm using a Milwaukee "Super Hawg" drill
(13A/400rpm), I can use it to drill holes in ANYTHING while
AC power is still on.  I found a deal on a factory refurbished unit.
Additional cost was only one half bucket of money (about $200).
vy 73,
Bryan WA7PRC

Jim K0XU wrote:

> I went with the DC and trickle charger too. Inside with big wire going to
> tower (it is less than 10ft from the house). My reason for doing it this
> way instead of AC is that I can lower my tower AFTER the power goes off.
> Jim K0XU

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