[TowerTalk] tiltover cable

Michael Goins wmgoins at gmail.com
Sat Apr 13 11:00:59 EDT 2013

I will be tilting over a HG-52-SS tower fully nestled with a T-8 and CDE
rotor on it and I need to figure a rating for the tiltover cable.
Tower/rotor/antenna are approximately in the 600 pound range and the tower
will tilt over on the bottom two bolts of one side of the tower.

I'm working on a saddle support for the tower when laid over so the cable
isn't the only thing holding it, but I want overkill on the cable as I go
up and down - getting old and want to work on antennas/rotor/etc from the

Any recommendations?

Mike, k5wmg
Fast cars, slow boats, good dogs, and summers off to write

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