[TowerTalk] Please Help Me Decide on a Tribander or Monobanders

Cqtestk4xs at aol.com Cqtestk4xs at aol.com
Fri Apr 19 06:29:07 EDT 2013

My vote is for the rugged KT36XA.
Construction takes a little longer than the traditional tribander,  but 
with its 32 foot boom you'll be close to what a 6 el mono does on 10 and it  is 
a solid performer on 15 and 20.
I had a stack of three KT36XAs out in KH6 mounted at 90/60/30 with  a 4 le 
40 meter at 80 feet.  Since I rotated the antennas  independently out there 
I was able to notice any interaction.  I found  none on 10 and 20 and very 
little on 15.
When I moved to FL the beams were installed on a rotating tower at  
90/60/30 and the 4 el 40 at 100 ft.  They don't rotate independently, but  again 
very little interaction on 15 and none on 10/20.  10 feet is  sufficient for 
spacing, but you might think about mounting them at 90 degrees to  each other 
These XA'S very different from the KT34XAs.  Many guys have  bought used 
XAs and were disappointed with the mechanical problems of the  antennas.  I 
know from experience.  The KT36XA is a very different  antenna and vastly 
superior to the 34XA.  
The three XAs have given me no problems for the six years I've had  them 
and survived the rough trip from KH6 to Florida with no  damage.

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