[TowerTalk] Gigavac Relays

Howard Hoyt hhoyt at mebtel.net
Fri Apr 26 13:28:50 EDT 2013


I have used the Gigavac G2 series in a remote transmitter transfer 
switch and they perform as advertised, never had a failure.  I know that 
one passed a lightning hit at least once, because the plate tuning cap 
in the transmitter was burned away from massive arcing (arc started by 
lightning, sustained by plate supply), and amazingly enough the relay 
sustained no damage in the incident.

Well made relays with good support after sale.  The HAM program they 
have makes them especially good buys, since they are commercial quality 

Howie - WA4PSC

Howard Hoyt
CE - WXYC-FM 89.3
UNC Chapel Hill, NC

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