[TowerTalk] Tex Com LMR-600 Connectors

Steve Maki lists at oakcom.org
Thu Aug 8 21:11:47 EDT 2013

On 8/8/2013 9:06 PM, K8RI wrote:

>> Everyone has their foibles I guess. But at least now you've had one
>> answer to your question.

> True, but I disagree that a clean connector means no leak.  Unless the
> water is dirty, or acetic, it takes some time before it makes a
> permanent or visible mark.

I did say "years old weatherproofing".

I've uncovered enough connectors to know that water ingress will either 
cause visible effects, and/or the connector will still be *wet*.

By the time the moisture has evaporated or dissipated is some fashion, 
there WILL be telltale signs left behind. Bank on it.

-Steve K8LX

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