[TowerTalk] Comparing Hi-Z Receive Arrays and KB7GF Shared ApexLoop

Dan Schaaf dan-schaaf at att.net
Tue Aug 13 19:51:04 EDT 2013


In your situation, I would not recommend the HiZ. Too much metal in the circle to mess up the pattern of the array. 

Believe me when I say that my 6 ft diameter tuned coax loop got me working into VK . It is probably one step above the K9AY loop when you consider how quiet the coax loop is. I don't hear all of the DX all of the time, but with patience I eventually hear good stuff. I have 170 countries wkd/cfmd on 160 and 155 of them were with either the K9AY or the coax loop or both since I have an A/B switch for them and a 20 db preamp in the shack. 

I always wanted to try the Pixel Sat amplified broadband loop but do not want to shell out any more money for antennas. If I can't hear the DX with what I have, I just wait for another time. My worst direction on 160 seems to be Africa. Just cannot hear anyone in that continent, except for A92IO. Even the west coast of Africa was a bust for me this past winter when there was some good DX happening in AF.

But other guys within 300 miles of me in Jacksonville FL ( N4NN with his HiZ ) and N4IS in Miami with his Waller Flag worked the AF stations. Sometimes I think I am in a black hole. Yet, I did work XU7ACY and VQ9LA on 160 with the coax loop. I think that there was ducting with a spotlight on my QTH during those QSOs.

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