[TowerTalk] OWA Inventor?

Steve Sacco NN4X nn4x at embarqmail.com
Thu Dec 12 16:13:48 EST 2013

  Scott -

I have wondered from time to time about this assertion: "... the 
inventor of the OWA...WA3FET."

It is my understanding the Tom, N6BT developed the what is now known as 
"OWA" design with his Force12 line of antennas.

I've had quite a number of Force12 antennas at my station, and was one 
of the first owners of their 6L 20M and 6L 15M models. Somewhere along 
the line, I also purchased a Force12 8L 10M Yagi. They all have the "D1 
very close to DE" characteristic of the "OWA" design.


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