[TowerTalk] Slipp-Nott

Chris EZRhino at fastmovers.biz
Fri Dec 20 11:35:38 EST 2013

Pre-production photos, which (sadly) should have been updated by now.  They are powdercoated black.  It is obvious you don't own a set or you would know this?    Also if they were stainless the price would be triple.  I'm not sure why all the negativity on this product, particularly from folks who have no first hand experience with it.  It's a great solution for the Tennadyne lineup, as the boom to mast plate isn't a plate at all but 1" thick plastic insulator (read: slippery!)   With the slipp-nott on one side and the plastic on the other it works as designed.  If you really wanted to up the ante, get another set and have the slipp-nott's surrounding the mast with the plastic insulator on the back of one of the slipp-notts (slipp-nott>> mast >> slipp-nott >>plastic >> boom).

I'm surprised no one has mentioned the DX Engineering cast aluminum sandblasted clamps (Jim's favorite!)  Holy cow now there is a clamp.


On Dec 20, 2013, at 9:16 AM, john at kk9a.com wrote:

> There is no powder coat on the units shown in their pictures.
> http://www.tennadyne.com/slipp_nott.htm

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