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I have had a good experience using K7NV's after-market mast clamp on my
OR2800 rotor.  The mast provides much more surface area on the mast.
They're not cheap, around $250.  Check out his website.



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> Tennadyne markets the Slipp-Nott.
 > Does anyone on the reflector have real world experience using this  >
item. Does it really work?
> 73
> Dave

I had one and I had a very bad experience with it. When the mast slips in
the rotor but not in the Slipp-Nott sleeve, the resulting forces are
transmitted through the Slipp-Nott brackets to the rotor U-bolts. In my
case, this caused the U-bolts to fail, leaving the antenna totally free to
rotate in the wind. The Slipp-Nott brackets were totally mangled. On first
glance the Slipp-Nott seems to be a good idea, but when you analyze what is
going on it is a bad design IMHO.


John, K9MM


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