[TowerTalk] Slipp-Nott

John Becker johnb3030 at comcast.net
Sat Dec 21 13:06:26 EST 2013

> I see nothing wrong with the slipp-nott design if used with enough
> rotator.  Unfortunately many rotators depend on the mast slipping to
> protect the rotator.
> 73,
> Roger (K8RI)

The problem I see with the design is that it transfers the force to the 
U-bolts, which are not intended to withstand that. They may hold if they 
are large enough, but I feel it still is a misapplication, a case of 
using something in a manner for which it was not intended by the 
original designer. Also to be considered is the fact that if a U-bolt 
fails you have gone from an annoyance to a big problem.


John, K9MM

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