[TowerTalk] Looking for a BEST OFFER: For Sale: Heavy Duty Mobile Tower

J.Gordon Beattie, Jr., W2TTT w2ttt at att.net
Sun Dec 22 23:58:16 EST 2013

Hi Folks!

This tower could be used in a fixed or mobile environment.  What I like
about it, is that you can use a short A-frame ladder to put whatever you
want on top (e. g. rotator and tall mast and then just use a 1/2 inch
ratchet to raise it up in about 2 minutes to full height.  The ability to
put an antenna between 30-45 ft in the air, depending on antenna load
without having to tip it up is a liberating capability.  I mounted it on the
back of my old van which I no longer have, and I would just go up on the
platform built into the rack to drop in the rotator and mast.  In fact, I
would preinstall the rotator with its cabling into the van and then just
drop in the mast, antennas and feed lines into the top of the rotator.  I
would then ratchet it up from the safety and ease of the ground.   


The rack as it exists today, is only the rear 20% needed to support the
tower and fits very well on a van.  It allows access to the top and also
provides for in-transit storage of gear.  The key element is the 2 inch
hitch fixture that supports the bottom of the tower.  


Finally, this tower is REALLY STURDY and can support a whole bunch of
antenna load.  The limiting element will be the rotator.  It was built for
the U. S. Army by a German company (unknown) and does not require
maintenance of seals for hydraulics or pneumatics or the use of a compressor
to operate.  This is unlike the surplus broadcast towers you see.  Its
internal cable-driven design is reliable and a pleasure to use.  I have
never seen another one on the market and I have searched through many
military vehicle and radio web sites, lists and experts.  My guess is that
it was built to support a dish on an armored or heavy wheeled vehicle.  


Please let me know of your interest.  I will accept cash or PayPal to



I am selling my unique 28 ft heavy duty, military tubular tower.  

This cable-driven tower can be raised and lowered by hand using a 1/2 inch
ratchet handle in about two minutes. The base of the tower is supported by
a custom offset base bracket that is inserted into a two inch trailer hitch
receiver and a
heavy duty custom cargo roof rack to support the top. 

Just add a rotator and a suitable mast, and you can get up to 45 or more
feet with your antennas! 

This is a great tower for EMCOM, Field Day, Hilltopping and more!

It will go on any vehicle but the roof rack piece is based on a van body
with gutters..
Also included is a custom base that slides into a 2 inch receiver.

I will send you photos upon request.


To take a look, please text or call me at 201 314 6964 or email me.
I am asking $2,900 or best offer.

Thanks & 73,
Gordon Beattie, W2TTT at ARRL dot NET


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