[TowerTalk] F-12 340N question

Bill Parry bparry at rgv.rr.com
Sat Jun 8 15:31:23 EDT 2013

I don't have a 340N but have had several Force 12 and I am sure that the
instruction that you got means change the lengths of the tips.  Drilling out
the tips is a very small job. I rivet ALL my antennas now, even the ones
that don't call for it. Been doing this for over 20 years and have never had
a problem other than lightning strikes. I always put in two rivets per
location and put them 90 degrees and about 2 inches apart.

Bill W5VX

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It is surprising that the manufacture is unable to answer this question. 
Many years ago had a Force12 Magnum dipole element side mounted on a tower
in Aruba and I adjusted the element tips for best SWR.  The element tip
lengths that I used surprisingly were much different from the manual. Yes
they were riveted and I had to drill new holes.  I am not sure if this was
the proper tuning procedure however it worked pretty well and it was not
difficult to do.  The dipole was later replaced with an OptiBeam OB2-40.

John KK9A

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I have a F-12  340N.   Manual claims you can shift the ele  resonance points
by adjusting the eles.   6 inchs  per side = 100 khz.

Now do they mean tweak the .375 inch tips.... OR do they mean  tweak the
adjustable linear loading rods ????   The tips are riveted.
It would make a lot more sense to tweak the LL rods..and leave the tips
 Makes more sense to me to make the ele max length and use LESS LL  if you
want to move the freq up higher in the band.

Does anybody have experience with this..or know the answer ?   The new owner

F12  doesn't  know either.

tnx in advance.......... Jim  VE7RF 


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