[TowerTalk] How to apply lube to HDX589

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Somewhere in all this I think we are hearing that the lubrication under 
discussion dries to a non-grime collecting finish on the outside of the 
cable after penetrating all the way to the inner strands.  Sounds good to 
me. My previous statements were made in ignorance of the properties of the 
pre lube.  I was considering silicone spray lube as I thought it would 
penetrate the cable reducing friction between strands and when dry not 
collect grit on the outside surface of the cable. Maybe it will but with 
products made expressly for this sort of action, I'll be a pre-luber.

Patrick AF5CK

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I am missing something here as US Tower advises against lubricating cables.

What are you gaining by lubricating cable? I my opinion if a un-lubricated 
galvanized cable shows signs of rust, it is time to replace it.


##  UST sez all sorts of stuff.   You missed the point.  The prelube-6 
penetrates to the inner strands..then dries on the outer  exposed
surface.   The idea is to lubricate the inner strands, esp when the cable 
passes over a pulley.    The inner strands will rub
longitudinally on each other, which is where the wear occurs.   Where a 
cable passes over a pulley, the strands in contact
with the pulley bend in a tighter arc than the outside strands on the 
opposite side.

##  Our local shipyards use pre-lube 6-9-11...and they have it in 55 gal 
drums.   Now if you are talking about some type of grease, then
yes, you dont want to use grease.  Grease  wont lubricate the inner strands. 
Instead it will just attract dirt + dust.   The dust + dirt
will then get ground into the soft aluminum pulleys...another dumb UST idea.

Jim   VE7RF


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