[TowerTalk] tower base

Jim Spears n1nk at cox.net
Tue Jun 18 12:57:31 EDT 2013

I subscribe to the digest, IMHO it is rude to reply to the digest unless
there is only one or two messages, hi.


My LM354E, similar to but smaller sections than Mickey's LM354HD, was
purchased in New York State and relocated to my home in Rhode Island.  I
contracted with a shop in New Jersey, I don't know if he is still in
business, to build up a rebar cage and a plate with the equivalent of the
mounting bolts with ears sticking out.  


This plate setup works fine.  the tower fits accurately and since the bolts
coming out of the concrete are threaded, it is easy to adjust tilt in case
(as was my case) things did not turn out to be exact.  


I do have a set of wet stamped for NJ and RI for the rebar cage and plate.  


Given the concept, one could drill new holes in an existing concrete base,
insert threaded bolts in the holes and build the plate with holes to mate
with the new bolts.


And it would be possible to have mounting hardware fabricated with the plate
and welded to it so any tower could fit.


In my case, the concrete block is sized for a LM470.  I would need to have
the existing mounting hardware removed and new hardware welded onto the
plate to upgrade from the LM354E to the LM470.  


And it is a big, heavy item.  


Photos on request.




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