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Hans Hammarquist hanslg at aol.com
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I used nine aluminum wires, connected three each to the three tower legs. The connection is "up-in-the-open". I did this to avoid el.-corrosion. I don't know if it is so important. Future will tell. I used steel grounding rods.

Hans - N2JFS

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On 05/05/13 12:19 pm, Brad Hyde wrote:

> I am in the process of erecting an HDX-555.  I have the hole dug and most of 
the rebar cage built.  My question is about the best method of grounding.  
Should I place a copper cable at the bottom of the hole and then attach it to 
the tower?  This method would have the cable immersed in the concrete which 
makes me wonder about that much heat going into the concrete if lightning hits, 
even if it is just on the edge of the concrete.  The other method I am thinking 
of would be three ground rods placed around the tower and connected together and 
to the tower with copper strap and/or very heavy copper wire.  Just looking for 
input from the collective knowledge of this group as I am in a lightning prone 
area in west Texas.  Thanks.

I have #4 copper connected to each leg of my HDX-555 (with 
stainless-steel shims as separators to avoid corrosion), and each 
running to an 8ft. copper-clad ground rod about 10ft. away.


Alan NV8A

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