[TowerTalk] Rotator Plate Mounting (Tashjian)

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I have an LM470 which has the "standard" rotor plate, suitable for HAM-M, 
etc., rotors, but not for Yaesu rotors and I'm sure others. I centered the 
rotor, drilled the extra holes, and all has been well for 15 years and going 
strong. It also sits on the bracing and vertical members, as you describe, 
and there are circular notches cut on the corners to partially encircle the 
vertical tower legs. I have never had any problems with the rotor plate or 
its design. I have about an 18' mast with a  10 element log periodic for HF 
and a 28 element log periodic for VHF/UHF. It is not a particularly large or 
heavy antenna array. If you have 6-over-6-over-6 monobanders on 20M, you 
might want to look into some alternate hardware (or not)!

GL es 73

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I am in the process of erecting my first ever tower, a Tashjian LM-354E.
Clawing my way up the learning curve...

Now at the point of trying to install the M^2 Orion 2800 rotator.
I ordered the rotator plate from the vendor with the tower.

Besides looking like, well, let us say not pretty it would appear that
the plate mounts into the tower by just being wedged against the tower
at intersection between the bracing and the vertical members.  (For
shipping the plate was zip tied into the tower, but that is not going to
last for long, of course.)

Is this how rotator plates are normally installed?

I now have the mounting holes filed out. (Four of the six holes are -not
quite- in the correct locations. At least the factory did drill the
mounting holes to 3/8" as requested.)

The good news is that the 2800 easily fits through the bracing of the
top section!

Thank you and vy 73;

John N7ZN

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