[TowerTalk] Murphy rides again

Sun May 19 16:10:16 EDT 2013

Have a 12v power supply that puts out a couple amps??  And an ohm meter??
You already have a spare rotor controller!  

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I hope this is appropriate here...if not I apologize

Just days to go before one of my favorite contests and my Yaesu G-800SDX
rotator control box decided to say..."Oh no you don't" 
The 2 amp fuse blows instantly (as it should when there is a problem) when
the power is applied. It does it with the rotor cable removed so it appears
to be in the box.
Does anyone have any experience repairing these devices. My eyesight no
longer allows me to work on such small stuff.
My options are
1. Get this one repaired in less than a week.
2. Find a loaner until this one can be repaired 3. Find someone that can
climb up and replace my Yaesu with my HD-73 spare.
4. Buy a G-800SDX control box at a very cheap price.
5. Operate the entire contest with the antenna pointed to EU...yeah i know
it could be pointed to the South Pacific.

Any help out there any where?
Hillsboro Texas

There is no joy in Mudville!

K5IID Tom Horton Hillsboro, TX
E sorter for ARRL W5 bureau
Same call for 55 years!

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