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Clearly spoken by a southerner.  Up here in New England, you might have a
different perspective on November 1.


Ed  N1UR


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Stay safe, if there is no particular hurry, wait the 28 days.


I would go further and say "don't be in a hurry".  You're going to live with
that tower for a lot of years. What's a couple more days?  You're going to
miss CQ WW CW whatever you do, so I can't think of any other reason for
haste.  Throw up a dipole or a Windom or something, have some fun (the good
sunspots will allow it) and wait.  

You'll be able to work Wake, if you need it, on 10m with just about anything
you throw up there anyhow.  What else is a problem?


Larry WO7R


Ed  N1UR


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