[TowerTalk] Plasma TV noise ideas?

John Frazier fraz1 at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 1 16:41:11 EDT 2013

I have read Tom W8JI and Jim K9YC "tutorials" on this issue.

I have confirmed that when the immediate neighbor turns off his Samsung 
Plasma set the "noise" ceases.  Today, I provided six 2 1/4 inch mix 31 
toroids and several clamp-on's to my neighbor along with a simple 
explanation (with pics) on installing them on the power cord close to 
the set itself and again at the outlet end of the cord.  An electrician 
is scheduled to visit his home Monday. Samsung has asked him to get 
confirmation that a good ground exists at the AC outlet serving the TV.  
At that time, I will ask the electrician to install by-pass caps from 
each side of the AC line to ground.  If he has no clue, I will build or 
most likely buy a filter.  I do not, myself, want to alter anything in 
my neighbors residence.  "We" may also try to choke other leads involved 
in his system.

In addition, the neighbor is continuing an effort with Samsung to have 
the set replaced.

Any other ideas for remedies?  The noise can reach S9 plus, peaks at 25 
KHz intervals, but creates hash across the bands.

John W4II

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