[TowerTalk] Plasma TV noise ideas?

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Sat Nov 2 21:25:01 EDT 2013

I had the same problem for about two years.  I used a Timewave ANC-4 (and a 6' tall aluminum "noise" antenna near the neighbor's house) to minimize the noise on 160-40 meters.  It worked pretty well.  Happy Ending: the TV failed and the neighbor got an LED TV. 

73, Redd - AI2N

---- John Frazier <fraz1 at bellsouth.net> wrote: 
> I have read Tom W8JI and Jim K9YC "tutorials" on this issue.
> I have confirmed that when the immediate neighbor turns off his Samsung 
> Plasma set the "noise" ceases.  Today, I provided six 2 1/4 inch mix 31 
> toroids and several clamp-on's to my neighbor along with a simple 
> explanation (with pics) on installing them on the power cord close to 
> the set itself and again at the outlet end of the cord.  An electrician 
> is scheduled to visit his home Monday. Samsung has asked him to get 
> confirmation that a good ground exists at the AC outlet serving the TV.  
> At that time, I will ask the electrician to install by-pass caps from 
> each side of the AC line to ground.  If he has no clue, I will build or 
> most likely buy a filter.  I do not, myself, want to alter anything in 
> my neighbors residence.  "We" may also try to choke other leads involved 
> in his system.
> In addition, the neighbor is continuing an effort with Samsung to have 
> the set replaced.
> Any other ideas for remedies?  The noise can reach S9 plus, peaks at 25 
> KHz intervals, but creates hash across the bands.
> John W4II
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