[TowerTalk] Price of concrete

r miles greenacres113 at charter.net
Sun Nov 3 08:54:25 EST 2013

One reason is the demand. A retailer told me several yr.s ago he was 
having problems getting cement.  Concrete is rock, sand & cement. The 
Chinese were buying literally billions of yards of cement. The Dams in 
their 7 Gorges project was gg to require  billions & billions of yards 
of concrete. Recently a TV program abt. the 7 Gorges project said China 
has moved over 1 million people from where the dams are going.  Imagine 
moving a large city to build something.

Here concrete redi-mix vendors are using a 4 yard minimum delivery 
charge. You use one or two yards for a base you still pay for 4 yards 
even if they take the leftover. Most vendors  charge a fee for 'waiting 
time' if you can't get the concrete off the truck in their allotted 
time. Most charge so much a minute after your time expires!

I just poured 1 yard for a base using the 60 lb. bags you get at the big 
box store. Way cheaper if you can do the work yourself. My Dad delivered 
redi-mix for over 25 yr.s so I know a few things to make pouring easier.

If you're not  knowledgeable abt. concrete ask someone who knows. You do 
a bad pour & you can't just shovel it out & start again. Once it 'sets' 
it's there. Period.


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