[TowerTalk] FW: Wiring Sky Needle tower for 220 VAC

Matt km5vi at flukey.cc
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Hi Ray,

At 220 V, 5V sag is about 2 % V drop.  Assuming balanced load, your 110 V
control power would only be down by 2 or 3 V which should be plenty stout to
hold  in the control relays.   Is this a 2HP motor?  #10's start my 2HP air
compressor @ 220V no problem with 250'+ of feeder.   Can you post the
control wiring schematic?   Will be happy to take a look to see what would
be involved to set it up for 220V motor with 110V control.  I am operating
both my Tri-Ex and UST @ 220V for same reasons except I opted for 24 VAC
control power.


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I have an older 90 ft Triex Sky Needle that I have been working on. I'm down
to the wiring of the raising/lowering motor. Because of the long distance, I
ran four conductors (250 ft) of #10 wire. The motor current draw for 220 VAC
is 9 amps, versus 18 amps for 110 VAC. There would be a voltage drop of
about 10 volts running 110 VAC versus 5 volts running 220 VAC. The tower
motor can be wired for either 110 or 220 VAC. The problem is the tower
controller that came with the Sky Needle is build to run on 110 VAC.

I am hoping that I can bring in 220 VAC to the up/down relays to do the
up/down switching while keeping the rest of the control box running on 110
VAC. I also have the RMC-1000 remote unit, but it too is wired for 110 VAC
and would like to incorporate them together. I now have the schematics for
both the tower control box and remote unit.

Has anyone done such a rewire of their control box to run the motor at 220
VAC with the remainder of the box running 110 VAC? All relays and delay
switches run on 110 VAC.

I'd appreciate any help or suggestions.



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