[TowerTalk] Cadweld One Shot Source

rfman45 rfman45 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 6 16:30:01 EST 2013

I recently completed a fairly extensive grounding system using traditional One Shots.
To clarify: One Shots are ignited by an external high heat source while One Shots Plus
are ignited by an electrically operated ignition. 
To ignite the One Shots I used a type of sparkler called "Morning Glories". Unlike the usual
sparkler these shoot out a stream of sparks directly ahead of and in line with the stick 
so you can actually shoot the stream directly into the hole at the top of the One Shot. To
get further away from the One Shot while igniting it I taped the "Morning Glory" to
a three foot stick.
Every one of the fifty or so One Shots that I used went off perfectly. Occasionally the finer, lighter 
colored ignition powder got mixed with the coarser weld powder or sometimes I spilled a bit of the
powder but it made no difference-the "Morning Glory" set off each and every Cadweld.
                                                              Mike  W2LO

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