[TowerTalk] MD-75 drum switch replacement

Alan NV8A nv8a at charter.net
Thu Nov 7 15:19:25 EST 2013

On 11/07/13 02:53 pm, David wrote:
> I have a US Towers HDX-555 tower with the MD-75 motor.  It came with a drum switch (up, down)  that I mounted on a post next to the tower.  The first one rusted out after about 5 years and I bought a new one from US Towers in 2008 for $38.   Well, it’s been five more years and the switch has rusted out and no longer works again.   I used silicon caulking on the one I bought in 2008 hoping it would help stop moisture from getting inside, but I opened it up and it’s all corroded and the red handle even broke off.
> So, I call US Towers yesterday to order my third switch.   Price?   $143 plus shipping!!   Talk about inflation, almost four times what I paid for it five years ago?  Holy mackeral.  So, I looked at the label on the old switch and did a Google search for “Dayton 2x440a drum switch”.   Amazon has the identical switch for $50.46, Grainger for $70.43.
> So, if you’re MD-75 motor switch goes kuputt, fortunately there’s an alternative to spending $143 for one from US Towers.

My HDX-555 has nothing like what Google shows me for a "drum switch": my 
tower has an electrical box mounted to the bottom section of the tower, 
and the Up-Down toggle switch is mounted in the side of that box.


Alan NV8A

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