[TowerTalk] Tower guy anchors

Paul Staupe staupe at gmail.com
Sun Nov 10 09:14:31 EST 2013

I entered into a contract for deed deal for this home five years ago for a
home on 3/4 acre, so I put a 76' stick of Rohn 45G up with 4 ft of the
first section buried in the concrete.

In case we decided to move, I chose to use screw in guy anchors instead of
the standard concrete based guy anchors.  When I did the research, it was
clear that Chance had a superior product to Rohn in a helical round shaft
8' rod.  Cost about $30 each and I have two sets of guys at 35' and 75'
attached to each of the three anchors here:


The soil at this location close to the Mississippi River is about 1 foot of
topsoil and then a deep clay formation.  It was tough to screw in the
Chance anchors,  but they haven't moved an inch in five years with several
major windstorms.  My stick of 45G supports a 2L 40M W6NL Moxon at 95' (20'
of mast) and a 4L SteppIR at 77'  turned by a prop pitch so there's a lot
of windload.


Paul W0AD

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