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It was not that hard for me to drive in some 6" screw anchors. (... and I hope I didn't do anything wrong). I use a sledge hammer and a 5' break bar. I turned the anchor as far as I could. Then I gave it a good hit with the sledge. Than made it possible to continue to turn the screw anchor a little. It took about 20 minutes/screw. The soil is moist, hard packed clay.

Hans - N2JFS

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Interesting video! Screw in anchors would be worth considering if you have
access to the equipment to drive them in and the appropriate soil type. 
Perhaps there are companies that just do this, however it is likely easier
to find a backhoe and dig a hole for a concrete slab.

John KK9A

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Depends on relative cost of concrete, labor, etc. and accessibility.

Screwing in an anchor doesn't disrupt the soil surface much, digging a pit
to hold a 7x4x3 foot block is a fairly big operation, although not too
tough with a backhoe. The concrete and rebar alone would probably be $400
(if you're buying ready mix at $100/yd).

If you have a vendor come out and install the anchors, you'd have all
three done in less than an hour, although I don't know what it would cost.
I doubt it's more than a few hundred bucks for the whole job, though.
(plus the cost of the anchors).. The anchors aren't all that expensive. 8"
diameter by 8 foot shaft ones are around $40-50.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuzxaANvrY0 shows how it's done

take a look at the driving torques.. thousands of ft-lb
Kids, don't try this at home..


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