[TowerTalk] Rotor wire question.??

Dick Dievendorff dievendorff at outlook.com
Mon Nov 11 20:20:13 EST 2013

I cheated.
I have three rotators on the tower.
I pulled 9 lengths of THHN #14 (3 each of 3 colors) and one CAT5 cable (8
conductor + shield) through a PVC pipe and put a hefty terminal barrier
strip in a box on the tower.
The motor leads are connected through THHN, and the position indicators go
through the CAT5 cable. 

It's about a 120 foot run.

Dick, K6KR

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I have just installed a M2 2800 rotor at 150 ft...I have about a 185 ft run
to the shack....
I really am having a tough time convincing myself to give almost 1.00 a ft
for what M2 recommends...
The Wireman has the cable for 79 cents a ft...time I go get it., and tax,,
close to 1.00 a ft maybe...
My question to all the brilliant minds out there....There HAS to be
something more readily available that will do
the job that has 4 conductors 16 gauge or better.    I have considered 14/3
with a ground,, may not stand up to 
the enviroment....I have rotor cable thats smaller gauge,,, But.I surely do
not want to double up on smaller gauge  wire and run that.....I wonder if
when D.O.T. runs cable to traffic lights has 4 or more conductors in a
Any ideas ?? This would give some good ideas to others....I just hate to
spend nearly 200.00 on a rotor cable !!!!! Dan N4GNR

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