[TowerTalk] Tony Wanschura

Tennadyne Corporation tennadyne at tennadyne.com
Tue Nov 12 13:22:19 EST 2013

On Nov 2, Tony send an email to wb8ndc at arrl.net. Using the business email,
on Nov 2, I sent a reply to Tony asking if he could use the business email
addresses instead of my personal email account. I also asked Tony what the
Hawaii address is so I could provide him with a shipping quote. I also
responded with an answer regarding his friends request for two quad
shipments  by a specific date. No reply.  No other emails have been
received from Tony other than Nov 2 which we have replied twice to and
might I add with no reply from Tony. I just sent Tony a request for him to
email me his telephone number as we would be more than happy to call him.

P.O. Box 352
Alto, MI 49302

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