[TowerTalk] K9YC Vertical Dipole.....

John Frazier fraz1 at bellsouth.net
Thu Nov 14 20:28:42 EST 2013


Thanks for taking the time to respond.  For those that have not seen 
your "version", I think they would find it interesting.  Just check 
Jim's web site.   I have all  of the mix 31 and 43 toroids I need, both 
donuts and big clamp-on varieties.  I've used your cookbook chokes for 
years.   Over the next few days I plan to play.  I'll let you know how 
they perform.  I have standard dipoles to A/B.  It'll be fun.  
Unfortunately, I don't have those HIGH pines to hang them in.  But, I do 
have some at 65-70'.

John W4II  (PS....neat way of attaching the top wire portion of the 
vertical dipole to the barrel connector)

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