[TowerTalk] Tower Lift (with crane) with Antenna's Already Installed

Richard Thorne rthorne at suddenlinkmail.com
Mon Nov 18 10:34:36 EST 2013

I have a 77' Rohn 45g tower installed with a large tribander and 4 element
30/40 combo installed. The tribander is about 1' above the tower and the
30/40 combo is 6' above the tower.  Total mast out the top is 15' or 9' of
mast above the top antenna.


I want to take the tower to 117'.


What I would like to do is leave the antenna's installed and have a crane
lift the entire tower up 40+ feet then slip 40' of tower below and reset the
original 77' on top of the new 40'.  I could remove the antenna's if
necessary, but that add's crane time.


The crane would attach at the very top of the tower.


My estimates have about 225 lbs above the top of the  tower (the crane
attachment point) and 600 lbs for the tower and rotor and a % of the mast
below the crane attachment point.


So the question (I'm an accountant not an engineer) will the tower stay
straight up and down or will it tilt due to the weight above the tower/crane
attachment point?  I honestly don't know what the affect will be since the
antenna's have the weight distributed along the boom, not directly above the


I'm also assuming that the double bolt system on each tower leg will hold
the tower together safely.


This may sound crazy to some, but it's difficult to get tower help. I've had
very good success with the local crane company.  I get a crane operator and
a rigger for assistance.  That's how I installed the tower/antennas in the
first place.  It's safe and quick.


You can check out the tower on my qrz.com page.




Rich - N5ZC

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