[TowerTalk] Wire Grounding Question TowerTalk Digest, Vol 131, Issue 54

Kenneth Goodwin krgoodwin at comcast.net
Wed Nov 20 18:09:10 EST 2013

The Green Heron controller has TVS diodes across all of the rotator lines
except the brake and start capacitor lines.  I suspect they would blow (68 V
and 15 V) long before the MOV's.  The TVS diodes saved my RT-21 controller
(they all blew) after a near field lightning hit.  I have surge arrestors on
all coax and control lines coming down the tower installed within a single
point ground system at the base of the tower.

Ken K5RG


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I have a Green Heron controller driving an M2 rotator. It uses a magnetic 
pulse encoder.

I had a red and blue wire inside a foil shield with a drain wire inside. I 
grounded the drain wire and I also grounded the blue wire. I did this at the

top of the tower, at the bottom of the tower and where the cable enters my 

I connected MOV's between the grounded blue wire and the red wire at the 
base of the tower and where the cable enters my shack.  I have had no issues

with this set up

Mark N1UK

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