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In my humble: You shall ground the shield in both the tower end and the shack end. You should NOT ground the pair anywhere but at the controller, that is; you should only connect the wire pair to the magnetic sensor in the rotor and keep that assembly away from everything else (electrically). The wire pair should be connected to "high" and "low" at the controller and only see ground through the controller circuit. That should give you the optimal shielding.

Hans - N2JFS

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I am using a K7NV prop-pitch rotator for my almost completed tower project.
For the encoder (magnetic pulse counter) that is mounted inside the PP
motor, I am using a 2 pair small wire cable that has an aluminum foil
shield and ground wire. I will be installing a lightning arrestor at the
base of the tower for these two conductors.

My question, should I ground this foil shield or leave it floating at both
ends (PP rotator and rotator control box)? I would think that it should be
grounded, but does it matter?  Any consequences if I do or don't?


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