[TowerTalk] HF2V Elevated or On Ground - Redux

James Setzler jms_k1sd at verizon.net
Fri Nov 22 13:31:28 EST 2013


Thanks to you and everyone who responded the my question about the Butternut
HF2V.  There is a wealth of information that was shared and I've been doing
a lot of research in the last few days.  


The antenna is going back up.  I have it mounted on a 10 ft. 4X4 post with
the feed point at 8 ft.  I'll use 3 tuned 80 meter radials elevated at 9 ft.
and 3 tuned 40 meter radials at 10 ft.  No separation of the radials except
in elevation; i.e., each 40m radial will be 1 ft. over and parallel to each
80m radial.  I plan to tune one 80m radial and then one 40m and then cut the
others to those lengths.  Further SWR adjustments will be made using the
coils.  The 10 ft. 4X4 post tilts over at 4 ft. so I don't have to lean the
ladder against it to reach the 10-12 ft. for the coils.


Thanks for the contest QSOs.


    73 James K1SD




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