[TowerTalk] Spam apparently from me

Patrick Greenlee patrick_g at windstream.net
Sat Nov 23 07:07:12 EST 2013

Pete, part of the problem is that the "bad guys" get hold of contact lists 
and send spam to all those listed.  You may not be the one with the malware 
on their computer.  If someone you send mail to is infected (usually without 
their knowledge or consent) the lurking malware will grab all the visible 
email addresses.  This is why in "safe computing" you never send multiple 
addresses "in the clear" but instead use distribution lists or put all the 
addresses in the Bcc box instead of the "To" box thus denying access to the 
addresses of any third party.

Again, all it takes to be used as a source of spam against your will and 
without your knowledge is to have someone send out a message with your email 
address visible to malware lurking on another addressee's computer. 
Spreading the word about having "Safe Computing" will help control this 
annoying problem.  Placing a bounty on the jerks responsible might also help 
but someone somewhere would  be offended because it wouldn't be politically 

In this instance I have removed all other addresses from the To line and 
placed them on the Bcc line.

Patrick AF5CK

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Spam apparently from me

I am starting to get bounce notices for mail I didn't send, some of it
with a bogus name associated with my address, so it looks like one of
the creeps out there has my address.  If you see anything atypical from
my address, please delete it.

73, Pete N4ZR
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