[TowerTalk] TX-455 Tower Variations

Mike VE3YF Mike at ve3yf.com
Sun Nov 24 11:04:11 EST 2013


I just happen to come across something this morning. I noticed a 
picture of a TX-455 having only 2 Bolt holes in each of the 3 leg 
ears. All the more recent
versions of TX-455 have 3 Bolt Holes. Also I noticed one other thing, 
the Base Plate on a 2 Bolt Hole version had no ears to bolt the arms 
of the Raising Fixture
too. I presume you then bolt the raising fixtures arms right to the 
tower leg. Am I wrong in my assumption. Will the current versions of 
the raising fixtures work
on the old version of towers. Any info that some can provide would be 
greatly appreciated.

73 De Mike


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