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Patrick Greenlee patrick_g at windstream.net
Tue Nov 26 18:27:06 EST 2013

I have no home owner policy.  I am with State Farm since 1962. I currently 
have a farm and ranch policy.  It would cost me $15.26/$1000 of replacement 
value with a $5000 deductible.  If I was the typical residential customer 
I'd qualify for the 10% of home value rule.  I will continue to carry my own 
risk, guy strongly, and not leave crank-ups cranked up when not in use or 
conditions dictate lowering them.  I would have to go out of the cattle 
business and not sell hay nor lease grazing land nor participate in any 
agricultural enterprise to be able to get reinsured as a homeowner.  You 
can't even put your house on a separate deed and have the ag-op as a LLC or 
whatever to get to have a homeowner policy if the home property abuts the ag 
property.  They have their bases well covered. No loopholes in the paperwork 
armor covering their backside.

No problems, right? After all this is Oklahoma so no weather worries here, 
huh?  The best thing I have thought of so far is to buy a cheap trailer 
house and park it about a half mile away at the other side of my ranch from 
the house.  Since tornados have such a proclivity for hitting trailer houses 
this would act as bait to attract tornados over there away from the house 
and antenna farm.

Clever, huh?


Patrick AF5CK

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My State Farm agent in Georgia assured me in writing that my tower was 
covered as an accessory structure at no extra charge (and also that I was 
covered for lightening protection as well).

Dale -- K4ROZ

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