[TowerTalk] Rotor location

James Wolf jbwolf at comcast.net
Wed Nov 27 09:03:30 EST 2013

If your reason for another rotor plate with a bearing is due to the fact
that you want a place to store the mast pipe while the rotor is out, then
some additional consideration might be in order.
Just think of the issues that can occur if you have three connections at
different levels to the mast pipe, all must exactly be mounted in line, and
as any mast that is not perfectly straight cannot be used.
Many Pyrod towers have the second shelf installed for this purpose, but
unless you mount the rotor well below the second shelf using a mast that
will flex enough, you are just asking for trouble.

It's better to make a resting shelf for the mast than use a bearing where
there is no room for error.   One could also make sure to have a hole in the
rotor plate that the mast can be dropped into when the rotor is out.   Then
a simple arm or two or three with clamps can be attached at each tower leg
and at the mast pipe to keep the mast from rotating while the rotor is out.

Jim, KR9U

>This brings up a thought I've had for a while (forgive me for veering off a
bit) and that is using a rotor plate for an intermediate bearing, or is the
hole wrong?  
>I've thought that the thrust bearing top section needs another bearing some
distance down that section so the rotor could be removed without the 
>mast tilting over and it would seem the support stress would be spread over
a larger part of the top section.  Only problem is getting a larger rotor
inside a 25G.


>73, de Nate >>

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