[TowerTalk] Tower insurance

Earl Wesner earlw1 at verizon.net
Thu Nov 28 16:34:13 EST 2013

I have a policy which is Ham Radio - specific: It is a company run by a 
gentleman by the name Bill Hill
Company name is Ham Radio Insurance associates - HRIA
Mine costs me $112.00 a year, but he has some that cover to a specific 
amount, ie. 5000 bucks or you can go with declared value for replacement 

Mine covers my FT-2000, Ameritron AL-80B, LDG AT-1000pro 
tuner,Ft-897,Computer and the tower.
They are pretty easy to work with also........Give bill a call. 
hamradioassociates.com, I believe

Policies are 1-year          I also have coverage with USAA which says 
they will cover as well............

Cheers/Happy Thanksgiving!       N4XK

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