[TowerTalk] TriEx LM-70 Tiltover-revisted??

Bill Winkis (KC4PE) kc4pe at mindspring.com
Wed Oct 2 07:36:49 EDT 2013

Getting up in years and I need to find a better "Mouse Trap"

The LM-470D has a tilting frame which lets the tower tilt from
Horizontal/Vertical via a Winch  .... the tower comes with a Fulton KX1550,
which is hard to crank when loaded with the tower and not the safest item in
the world, it was suggested that I try a 50:1  worm gear the Fulton
KWS-3000, so I installed such.
Yesterday my first time out with the 3000 was a disaster. Now as the bottom
of the tower left the vertical position the winch got increasing harder to
turn, to the point where  I could barely turn the handle. 
I examined the plant for binds etc., but could see nothing wrong, BUT when
the tower was finally Horizontal I noted the worm drive gear was offset,
looks like the frame was bent (that holds the worm gear in place)....
Has anybody used the 3000 with success on a LM70?
Should I consider going to a "GinPole" arrangement, mount some 10 feet off
the ground and grabbing the tower at the top of the first section?
Ideally I would like a motorized system of such..

-Bill ... KC4PE 

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