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Gary Johnson N5BAA qltfnish at omniglobal.net
Fri Oct 11 10:46:35 EDT 2013

Here in Texas where it gets dry, we usually run Phillystran for most of a 
guy to a turnbuckle and for the 10-20 feet nearest the ground run wire. 
Phillystran will melt in a fire.

Gary J
HCARC Secretary 2013

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>I am in the process of putting up a 100' stick of Rohn 45G.  Originally I 
>planned on standard Rohn guying - 3/16" for the bottom two guys and 1/4" 
>for the top - for Rev G.  Does anyone have experience in leaving steel for 
>the bottom two guys and Phyllystran on the top?  How about running 30' of 
>Phyllystran at the top end of each top guy - like an extended insulator?  I 
>am trying to minimize interaction with the various wire antennas I'll hang 
>from the tower and keep costs somewhat under control.  I'll have a 3el/40M 
>option SteppIr for openers, but may change that at some point.  Obviously I 
>am going to play with a bunch of wire -  dipoles,  inverted Ls, slopers, 
> On a different note, another ham, WB9EDL, and I delivered some used 45G 
> sections to the Rohn galvanizing facility today - they are called AZZ 
> Galvanizing in Peoria.  The cost should run approximately $45 per 
> galvanized 45G section.  I recently took down 90' of 25G that had been up 
> for 34 years.  It was a used tower when I purchased if from a local ham 
> and I hauled over to Rohn to be regalvanized when I bought it.  The tower 
> was in great shape when I took it down a month ago,  just beginning to 
> show some brown staining in places; the leg interiors were still shiny 
> bright.  Re-galvanizing is an inexpensive way to rejuvenate old steel 
> towers.  AZZ is also redoing my guy brackets, equalizer plates, 
> stand-offs, etc, basically anything except threaded goods - bolts, nuts, 
> turnbuckles, etc.
> As long as I am posting - I recently helped put up 50' of 45G for another 
> local ham, AB9M.  We had to spend quite a bit of time cleaning excess 
> galvanizing from new tower sections - the inside of the leg joints.  We 
> did a trial fit of all sections on the ground and labeled each mating end 
> of the towers so that they went together the same way in the air.  We did 
> 50' in a single after noon.  I did purchase the Yellowjacket tower tool 
> and it would have been difficult to get the sections together without the 
> leverage it affords in pulling tower sections together.  Also - we had one 
> mismatched set of legs that would have been a real trial without the leg 
> aligner part of the tool.  The tool really worked well for us.
> Original question - any experience mixing steel and phillystran?
> Thanks,
> KeithAC9S
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