[TowerTalk] 140' Tower take down

Grant Bright, Ph.D. grantbright at att.net
Fri Oct 18 12:27:44 EDT 2013

Hi Gang,

I need a 140’ self supporting tower taken down in Southern Indiana, near Evansville.

This may be a Rohn tower. It has 3 legs at base which are about 10 feet apart. Below 80’, the side braces are bolted to the vertical legs. At 80’  the tower tapers to what looks like 18” sections 20’ feet long with welded bracing. Above 80’, I believe it has three 20’ sections.

There is nothing on the tower now, and access is very good right off a paved street.

Locally, I have looked at this same tower, but it is 160’, that is one more 20’ section.

If anyone can do this, please email me directly., W5XB at att.net  I can send pictures.

Not a real rush job, but I would like to beat “the snow—hihi”

I will transport it, once one the ground and disassembled. 



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