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On 10/25/2013 11:42 AM, K7LXC at aol.com wrote:
>>   I only watched a little and couldn't see how it was  attached. How were
> they going to detach the cable?
>      They have an electrically operated hook -  push the button and the hook
> opens up.
>      Yes, there were a bunch of obvious safety  violations.
>      I've used helicopters several times and it's  a nifty albeit expensive
> way to go. The instances were where you couldn't use a  crane for big yagis.
>      The interesting part is that while the  chopper is hovering, it's in
> equilibrium so all you have to do to move the load  is push or pull it -
> pretty interesting. Doesn't take much to do  that.

It's a strange feeling that's difficult to describe because it doesn't 
feel quite like it's suspended from a point.  When you push the whole 
suspension moves, and you have all that inertia, so getting in a hurry 
can result in that tower swinging like a pendulum.

>      The biggest thing to look out for is that all  of the moving air
> creates a BIG static build-up on the antenna so you need to  discharge it before
> you grab the antenna.
>      And the one I rented about 15 years ago was  $450 an hour.

Considering the operating costs for a small one used to run 150-200 an 
hour that's not bad, I don't know what the costs are on the simpler ones 
like the Robinson and I'm a few years out of date.

Spent a few hours shooting road rallies from them.  Now that was fun! <:-))


Roger (K8RI)

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