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Wed Oct 30 14:33:37 EDT 2013

Hi All, the Hazer system is a good option for 40 ft or less 25G  towers.
That height is safe without any guys with little or no wind  load. While 
the tower is safe with the system lowered, one should not  consider raising 
the Hazer and antenna when the wind is up. 
Some users connect the guys directly to the Hazer but that seems a bit  
risky. Most users install a single set of guys near the top and connect  them 
to the anchors after the system is cranked to the top of the tower.
Multiple guy levels can be used but that involves more guy manipulation and 
 risk as the tower height is increased.
Seems like a nice way to go for someone liking to experiment with various  
antenna configurations.
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Gerald Williamson, K5GW
CEO Texas Towers
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K7LXC at aol.com writes:

>  Just curious, never used a Hazer, but, how do you  deal  with the guy 
wires ??

You're  supposed to  drop them. When does that ever sound like a 
good idea?!?  Never in my  book.

Steve    K7LXC


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