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Another option would be to bend the element tips of a conventional loaded 

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OptiBeam OB2-40M is probably the smallest 40m beam and the turning radius is
6m (19' 8").  Their OB1-40 dipole has a 7.35m radius.  I am surprised that
your Force12 dipole is that small.  Is there a problem with having an
antenna hang over your neighbor's property?  Nearly all of my beams in Aruba
hung over the neighbor's property when turned a certain way.  It really was
not that noticeable and it never caused a complaint.

John KK9A / P40A

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Hey Gang

OK - here is a question - anyone out there doing custom beams?  I have kind
a sticky

Right now I'm running a Force 12 D-140, frankly because that all that will
- I have a 38ft piece of property, and it has an 18 ft turning radius

I'd LOVE to have a bit more gain, but even the smallest shorty 40s I've
are SLIGHTLY too big.

I was wondering if anyone could design a 18.5 ft or less turning radius 40m

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