[TowerTalk] Fulton 2500 winch single or dual speed?

Gerald J. Mc Grantham KC4RN at comcast.net
Thu Apr 3 08:23:00 EDT 2014

Good Morning All,

I need to replace the winch on my Hy-Gain 72 foot crank up tower.

Do I want a single or dual speed winch? I do not know what is on the tower now other than it is a Fulton 2500.

Being disabled, I don’t have the upper body strength anymore to crank the tower to 72 feet. I barely get the tower up to 50 feet.

Will a dual speed help if I don’t already have one?

I looked at price of a US Tower Power Winch, but that sure is out of my price range.

Thanks in advance and 73,

Gerald - KC4RN

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