[TowerTalk] Screw Anchor to Guy Wire Attachment

N3AE n3ae at comcast.net
Fri Apr 4 13:17:55 EDT 2014

I'm trying to find out the proper way to attach two or three guy wires to the head of a screw-in earth anchor. 

I'm using Hubble Power Systems (AB Chance) PS816 "Triple Eye" anchors. The top the the eye is 1 7/8" wide (edge to edge parallel to the open axis of the eye). Seems too wide to take a pair of typical equalizer plates. 

1. Short loops of guy wire (with clamps or pre-forms) through the Triple Eye" with each loop going to a thimble at the turnbuckles? 

2. A beefy shackle through the Triple Eye, with an equalizer plate attached by the shackle bolt. Closed-eye turnbuckles from the equalizer plate to the guys? 

3. ?? 

The Triple Eye was clearly made to take up to three guy wires looped through the eye. In retrospect, I should have bought the oval eye or thimble eye anchor to use with an equalizer plate. 

Live and learn. 


Shawn - N3AE 

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