[TowerTalk] Routing Ladder with Parallel Coax?

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I have 600 ohm homebrew line outside. When it gets to the house, each leg is 
soldered to the centers of two pieces of 1/2" hardline (spaced about 3" 
apart), which pass thru the entry port and then are soldered back to 
open-wire feed inside the shack. The hardline shields are not bonded to 
anything. Total hardline length is around 10'). Works great, and whatever 
impedance bump there may be is insignificant and is handled by the tuner 
anyway. At the point where the outside open-wire feeder is connected to the 
hardline, I also have a grounded metal plate in which two sparkplugs are 
threaded to act as spark gaps. There's also a couple 3-4 meg resistors from 
each leg to ground for static bleed off.

So your plan is quite similar, and should work well. Sounds like you do not 
have a balanced antenna tuner, which might change things (try it, it might 
work fine). My antenna, lines, and tuner (EFJ Matchbox) are balanced 

Good luck and 73


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My shacks location makes it difficult to keep ladder line away from
other cables that enter the house. Someone suggested I use 2 runs of
RG-11 coax in parallel to route the coax inside the house and then
connect the two to the ladder line outside.

The coax shields would connect to the tuner ground and the center
conductors to the tuner output terminals. The shields are left open at
the end where the coax center conductors connect to the ladder line.

Has anyone tried this with a doublet?



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