[TowerTalk] New windows versus my antenna wiring

Steve steve65 at suddenlink.net
Mon Apr 7 09:15:01 EDT 2014

Hi all,

I have one open wire feeder and a couple of coaxial cables coming into 
my basement radio shack. Many years ago I removed the glass from the top 
pane of a window and replaced the glass with plexiglass. I drilled the 
plexiglass for feed thru insulators for the open wire and holes for the 
coaxial cables.

I would like to replace the 5 windows on that side of the house, which 
includes the window with the plexiglass antenna cable entrances. The 
existing wooden-frame windows with a single pane of glass will be 
replaced with double-paned, energy efficient double-hung windows.

How do I get my antenna wires into the house after the newer windows are 
installed? The newer windows do not lend themselves to the plexiglass 
scheme in use with the existing window. I would prefer not to drill 
holes in the basement wall -- I want to sell this house eventually 
(that's one reason for replacing the windows in the first place).

One thought I had is to lower the upper half of the new window about a 
foot and insert a piece of plexiglass at the top of the window. Buttress 
the upper half of the new window up against the plexiglass. Seal as 
necessary with polyurethane foam insulation. One problem with that idea 
is that the upper section of the window can be lowered from the outside 
-- not very secure.

Any ideas as to how to get my open wire feeder and a few coaxial cables 
through the wall after the new windows are installed while not damaging 
the walls of the house or the new window?


Steve, K8JQ

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